Tyler Bereman's dream four years ago was to create the largest and first-ever freeride competition. In 2020, with the help of Dream Traxx's Jason Baker, he turned that dream into reality with a custom-built "playground" course in the rolling hills of Fort Scott, Kansas. This one-of-a-kind course has since been the venue for the world's top freeride athletes to showcase their talent and skills in front of judges.

Over the past three years, riders have competed in a judged event, with each rider getting two runs to impress the judges with their style and creativity. In the recently held 2023 competition, the format was completely revamped. For the first time in Red Bull Imagination history, the competition was divided into two teams, each competing in five different categories. Three judges were responsible for determining the winner in each category, with the overall team with the most category wins being crowned the champion.

The five categories included the "Best Whip," where three riders from each team were judged on four jumps. The starting team was decided by a coin flip, and the knockout-style format saw six riders, three per team, compete in one run each until the final two riders took turns to determine the winner. In the "Big Dawg" category, one rider per team was scored based on the biggest hits they could land. "Creative Line" saw one rider from each team being judged on the most innovative and unique line they could find through the course. The "Speed and Style" category saw one rider per team taking a timed run through a predetermined course, with the winner being chosen based on a combination of speed and style.

Finally, the "Team Line" category was akin to synchronized swimming on dirt bikes, with each team coordinating their "best team line" during a three-minute run to determine the winner between Team Twitch and Team Maddo.